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“Volunteers make such a difference to our organization, community, and the people we serve, by sharing their time, talent and love with energy and passion,” says Ramika.

Volunteer photographer at SIDF is no small endeavor. The organization currently has at least 14 different volunteer positions, in over 8 different programs. Child care , Community development , Care of Elderely ,Disabled care  Language Orientation, Medical Volunteering , Street Children, Skill training ,– these are just a small sampling of the core areas SIDF works on.

With all of these programs and causes areas, there’s a lot of choices for potential volunteers. Volunteers fill roles from “Counseling Interns” to everything in between. Pictured right is Sneha, a volunteer photographer capturing client stories.

“My joy comes from helping a volunteer find just the right placement,” says Ridhima. “We want every volunteer to feel that s/he makes a difference!”

One cause area that is important to SIDF is homelessness. They run 2 programs aimed to alleviate homelessness in Assam. They do everything from offering a safe place to shower, to finding housing, to offering treatment to those who are homeless and also struggling with addiction and mental illness.

Ridhima explains, “When you’re homeless and isolated, a day can seem endless without another person to talk to. The Drop-in Center in Mangaldoi  provides shelter during the cooler months and a great place for  job hunt, and stay in touch with family by phone or email.”

Shivani, volunteer with SIDF

One volunteer that stands out to Ridhima is Shivani (pictured left ). Why? Before becoming a volunteer, Shivani was homeless herself.

For Shivani,, loneliness was the worst part of experiencing homelessness. She worried about getting water and food, showering, figuring a way to move on with her life—but the lack of human contact felt maddening.”

“If you’re alone enough, especially if you’ve had some traumatic experiences, your mind can go to some dark places,” says Shivani.

“I was closed off,” says Shivani,. “But then I got a support system and started meeting people, and it helped me to open up.”

She immediately used the shower, kitchen and laundry services. Staff helped her to come up with a plan, and in six months, she moved into an apartment. she also got support to address health issues. Then, she took another big step and enrolled in College to start a new career in education along being volunteering for SIDF.

“I like working here, because at one time, I was in the same situation as the people that visit here,” says Shivani,. “I know how much this drop-in day center helps people… I wouldn’t be surprised if this place has saved lives.”

Shivani, comes in early to turn on the computers, and take stock of the ration. Then, when people start coming in, she provides a friendly greeting and guides them to needed resources ranging from food to staff support.

“Usually, when people come here, it takes them about a month to warm up to people,” says Shivani,. “They don’t have much to say. But once they get connected, it becomes a community.”

Find an Opportunity


Volunteer with SIDF

SIDF is interested in engaging committed individuals in activities for the welfare and development of Women & Children.

Options for Volunteering:

Teaching children: Helping children to learn important subjects as per the curriculum of SIDF.

Enhancing Life Skills: Conducting sessions with children on topics like respecting others, Tolerance, Respecting cultural diversity, dealing with emotions, saying no to drugs, decision making, communication and others.

Art & Crafts: Teaching children to make various products which could enable them to realise their creative potentials.

Story-Telling: Telling stories to children for recreation and as part of value education

Cultural Activities: Engaging children in cultural activities such as music, dance, theatre and showcase their talents.

Journalistic skills: SIDF trains select groups of children in electronic and print journalism such as radio, video and newspaper. Professionals in this field could contribute their skills and experience to assist the children’s media initiatives.

Culinary & Catering: Adding value to the existing curriculum by teaching different cuisines, English language, management concept and skills, assisting in the everyday management.

Health Care: Doctors and other medical professionals could assist with medical check up of women,children, provide medical treatment to sick children and conduct health education awareness camps.

Recreation/ Educational Tours: Organising picnics for groups of children or visits to educational sites or monuments.

Documentation: Assist with translation work, data entry and case studies.


SIDFinternship programme is to provide an opportunity to students from recognised colleges/ universities, especially schools of social work to do their field work or practicum.

Procedure for Volunteering:

  1. A letter from the University or college requesting internship or field work for students with clear objectives.
  2. Interested candidate to fill and send SIDF Internship Request Form.
  3. On selection, placement in appropriate project site/ location.
  4. Signing of SIDFChild Protection Policy
  5. Planning and execution of work under supervision.
  6. Reporting and attending feedback meeting.
  7. Receiving a certificate on successful completion of the assignment.

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