– Awareness Camps

– Women & Child issues

Advocacy generally refers to the process of trying to persuade others to support your position or point of view.

It is important to make your concerns known and equally important is that we got to learn to advocate for ourselves, by developing self-advocacy skills. Depending on age and ability, this can mean anything from communicating our preferences in the home or letting an employer know that one needs a reasonable workplace accommodation (e.g., a change in workspace lighting).

We wish to help people who help and advocate for women, especially women with controlling or abusive partners or ex-partners. Mistreatment can take many forms – emotional, financial, spiritual, sexual or physical – but coercive control engendering fear is the hallmark of abuse. When a woman is ready to reach out for help, we must be ready to understand her situation, prepared to use words that comfort and guide, and able to advance her safety and healing.


Women Empowerment

Women in India consistently lag behind the men in terms of access to education, health care, jobs etc. Apart from the economic and social disparity, women in India are victims of dreadful crimes such as, dowry deaths, rape, molestation and immoral trafficking.

Unless drastic measures are taken to improve female literacy, create skills and aptitude among women for enabling them to stand on their own feet and care for themselves and family, it will be difficult for India to prosper as a nation.

We wish to create this awareness at grass root level to allow women to attain economic involvement in order to overcome poverty and inequality.

You can support this effort by contributing to the following causes to help in the empowerment of marginalized women.

– Support an old woman with clothes

– One month Psychological Rehabilitation support to a mentally challenged woman.

– Job oriented vocational training to unemployed women

– Support higher education of a girl child in remote villages of Mangaldai, Assam

– Support girl child higher education through a BICYCLE

–  Amonth’s living expense for a girl belonging to a poor family pursuing nursing course

Job oriented Vocational Training for women and unemployed youth

Your donation will be used by SIDF as follows:

We would be offering job oriented vocational training to unemployed youth and women in different streams including- Computer Education, Hardware and Networking, Computerized Accounting, Graphic Designing,DTP , Spoken English and BPO Training . The students would come from different urban, semi-urban and rural backgrounds. The trainings would be offered at the vocational training Centre.

The donation of Rs. 5000 will be used for vocational training on computer education to women & unemployed youth from disadvantaged family for helping them in improve their skills and get suitable employment.