– Vocational Training Centre

– Rehabilitation Centre

LIVELIHOODS Issues to be addressed by SIDF

  • “Bachat Banks” to be managed by SHG ( Self Help Groups )
  • We wish to provide Project Consultancy in small Agro & rural industrial promotion, rural development , social welfare for Micro,small  Industries  under our Prime Minister’s  Employment Generation Programme ( PMEGP )

Educating Women to pool their savings in SHGs and deposit in Bachat Banks to get better loans for machines for grinding, sewing, Pico machines, goods for shops etc. so that they are not dependent on their men folk

To mobilize women in small viable groups and making facilities available to train them in skills so that they earn and are not dependent on their male counterparts. This would be provided in their training centers where mobile crèches with educational facilities would be provided for them .

– Training in courses in manufacturing, services, construction, etc. in Hindi and 8 regional languages , English would be an added bonus

– Villagers would sell solar lighting systems on commission basis procred from other marketing states
– Helps tribals to improve incomes by providing raw material, design and marketing support to make various handicraft products.
– Trains owners of small enterprises in skill development
– Organized women and introduced new techniques of cultivation and marketing, micro-enterprises and systems in poorest regions.

Rehabilitation Centre

Rehabilitation of addicts/families; to support activities which are in consonance including all  drug de-addiction measures including setting up of drug de-addiction centers and to work in tandem with a number of Organisations working in this field .

Once they are ready , then would provide them with Skill set to earn their livelihood.