Overseeing of SIDF’s activities is provided by two groups – the Board of Directors and Senior Management team.


The Board of Directors oversee, review and approve SIDF progress, budgets, annual activity reports and audited financial statements. The members also ensure organisation compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Chairman/CEO nominates members to the Board, ensuring that the nominee is a respected member of the society with good reputation, interested in serving in the cause of solidarity and support for marginalized people, and have no conflict of interest with the vision and interest of SIDF. The Board members are:

devashish biswas                               

Member: Mr Devashish  Biswas (B E )

Executive Director – Special Projects, SIDF

Devashish  is an engineering graduate, has 11+ Years of experience in Software Development and Digital Marketing and Promotion, have been founding member of couple of tech start-ups, He brings expertise in technical knowledge, business growth & marketing, crowd funding, brand strategy, and deep experience in consumer insights to both accelerate growth to build a leading brand. He has created and ran advertising campaigns including PR programs on international levels.

Mr Biswas has helped set up SIDF presence on the World Wide Web through its informative and exhaustive website. The website provided a means to make SIDF’s activities known to a wider audience and helped network with similar organisations globally. Today he spear-heads the Special Projects team by applying prevailing technology, ideas or issues to take the organisation forward and upward.

Mr Biswas has helped set up SIDF presence on the World Wide Web through its informative and exhaustive website. The website provided a means to make SIDF’s activities known to a wider audience.

Mrs Meeta Grover                      

Member : Mrs Meeta Grover  (BA English)

Executive Director – Research Studies & Additional Projects, SIDF

Mrs Grover  has a background in television directing programmes in both Hindi and English.and holds a Diploma in Television and Film Production . Her experience included 8 years in a production company “Canif Cine Entertainment Inc.,She joined SIDF in 2015 . Under her leadership, the foundation   has grown from strength to strength. She has consciously formed alliances with social workers in various fields, organizations, and paramedical social workers, to reach the most underprivileged and high risk groups.

Her focus is to sensitize them to the ground realities of cancer and make cancer screening facilities free and freely available to them at their doorstep.

Mrs. Papia Bhattacharya                               

Member: Mrs. Papia Bhattacharya (BFA )

Executive Director – Rehabilitation, Social Impact Development Foundation (SIDF)

SIDF’s Rehabilitation Center started under Mrs. Bhattacharya tutelage in 2015, with just one person and a single machine. Papia  has used her creativity to develop a range of merchandise at our Rehabilitation Center and each item is produced with an eye to detail.
Papia has a background in fine Arts from The College of Art , Delhi University . With Specializations in Painting, Sculpture, Applied Art, Printmaking and Visual Communication providing basic training in art and design. She has in-depth knowledge of the principles of Composition, value, pattern, tone and color theories. Her Emphasis is  on the creative process from concept to the finished art work. She focuses to on study from life, still life, outdoor, etching, lithography, and silkscreen, mural and weaving. Aesthetics, History of Art and Methods & Materials . She joined SIDF in 2015 and as her first assignment created 5 low cost audiovisuals for SIDF. She is in for rehabilitation and employment of cured cancer patients. She now directs and guides a team of about 40 cancer survivors or their family members, after giving them vocational training.

Member: Ms. Neha Sharma  (English Hons)

Programme Director – Strategic Planning & Events

Ms. Sharma graduated from Delhi University, but her interests range from doing various research based work in Govt. Projects. With over eight years of experience in development sector, she has gained considerable knowledge on various aspects of project designing and implementation. She is responsible for formulating management and development strategies for the organization. She also supervises both the program and marketing team and ensures smooth functioning of the same. Neha is a Self-starter with ability to work independently or as part of a team. A Quick learner and adapts to new environments easily. Her career started as a Corporate trainer with specialization in soft skill where she developed her confidence in the corporate world.