Organogram ….. Social Impact Development Foundation   ( SIDF )

a drawing or plan that gives the names and job titles of all the staff in this NPO , showing how they are connected to each other . It is important part of any organization because it helps  to understand the communication and reporting flow (who reports to whom) of the people in the organization.

Leadership Requirements under Functional Organization Structure

This structure based on the top to down authority control therefore leaders requires in-depth knowledge and experience in their area of specialization. This type of structure is used in those organizations where unit leaders have outstanding command on their given field. Leaders of each unit are required to be mentor of young staff members. Competency in their field and proper management skills are required for the success of functional organization structure.

Effectiveness of Functional Organization Structure

Functional organization structure works best in the stable organization because in the presence of functional organization you cannot make rapid changes in the strategy.

Our Team

Governance in SIDF follows the norms defined by the Indian Trust Act 1882…. A Public Charitable Trust

Oversight of SIDF’s activities is provided by two groups – the Board of Directors (defined in its “Rules and Regulations, June 2015”) and Senior Management team.

sidf road map..Organogram