Setting up a CSR strategy: Short-term goals

Hello CSR professionals,

a company that doesn’t have any CSR strategy at all. Let’s say that the board doesn’t see any necessity to promote an initiative of this kind, and if they did, they’d like to see a return-on-investment rather soon.
From your perspective, what would be the short-term goals/achievements to persuade the management of the benefits of a CSR plan in the long run?

Strategic information management, social marketing, employee engagement redifined as “Individual social responsibilities” created more ownership among all the stakeholders to develop effective partnerships and also scale more activities…..

Would need to;

– Identify all company stakeholders

– Identify what you currently do as a company to possibly impact those stakeholders

– Run a survey for each of the stakeholder groups to find out their thoughts on the companies current CSR efforts and equally find out what they would like to see

You’d need to analyse this feedback internally but this should be an eye opener for the business and hopefully provide some guidance on how you can form CSR strategy that will bring mutual benefits for both the business and it stakeholders.

I hope this helps.

Best of luck.

To get the most ROI on a CSR program, it must take into consideration the company’s short- and long-term strategies, unique capabilities, societal needs, and employee interests. I would recommend an initial benchmarking exercise to identify where competitors play with their CSR programming and any white space the company can consider pursuing. This may also help to build the immediate business case if peer companies active in CSR tend to experience benefits such as increased market share, better recruiting, higher employee engagement, better public image, etc. Talk with people across lines of service and levels to get an inventory of their top business capabilities and social impact interests. Ultimately, programming that aligns all of these will create the greatest shared value for the community and the business. The strategy should be to start small and grow the program as components prove successful with engaging employees, making impact, and supporting strategic priorities.

Not all the board agree with CSR concept if they don’t see its impacts and measurements, but I think no board will not like the value and benefit, growing, risk management or strategic problem solving from CSR action. So thinking in these perspectives, your proposals will be more acceptable for them. As what to come up with the proposal, it will be great helpful to find out the internal RIGHT persons to engage, they will give you lots of good ideas. Good luck.

Increased partnership working does not mean a loss of independence and really must be considered part of the future.

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