Community Development

The Integrated Community Development (ICD) model is followed by sustainable transformation in a community through a holistic intervention strategy that includes:

  • Focus on four key themes of health, education, environment and skills development
  • Special focus on women and youth empowerment and child protection
  • Alignment with new CSR guidelines making it easy for companies to partner with us

This approach is the result of years of experience and the realization that working in isolation on individual sectors cannot be sustainable. One of our most inspiring initiatives has been our free school programs in rural areas and urban slums. However, in the absence of adequate opportunities for livelihood, convincing parents to send their children to schools has had its challenges. Also, even after completing a school education many of the youth do not find gainful employment. To bridge this gap, vocational trainings are integrated into the school curriculum of several of our schools to augment skill sets and to increase livelihood potential.  This is just one of many examples.

We understand that an Integrated Developmental approach in a community yields tangible developmental outcomes.  It is our objective to bring true transformation by impacting all aspects of development through community ownership making the people themselves true agents of their own change. The motivation for the above came from attending the conference of the Art of Living envisions,

Installing Automated Grid & Solar Powered Drinking Water Purification System


Holding Charitable medical camps,

“When medical camps are held consistently in a particular place over a period of time, the first step is to solve the everyday problems like cough, sinus and other common diseases. Only then can one move on to cure more serious and chronic problems. Once the basic health is restored, they can then move forward to start suggesting and making lifestyle changes that promote a healthy living. The last step would be to create a society that is not only physically healthy but mentally happy and in turn supportive of each other.” says Dr. Priyadarshan

People are ready to serve. They want to serve, but do not have a compatible platform that lets them do so. As an individual one can take medical camps. But by coming together they can do much more.